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FancyDesigner is a professional 3D Virtual Reality Space Design System that can generate complete blueprints as well as layouts, cross-sections and multimedia presentations.

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3ds Max plugin installation PDF Print E-mail
Written by ruler   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

[Step 1] Select the transferring tool most suitable for your version

Select the transferring tool most suitable for your version. For example, if you are using the 3ds Max 9 version, please run the "dsmdexp-09-2200-33.dle"; and if you are using the 3ds Max 2013 x64 version, please run the "dsmdexp-2013-x64-2200-33.dle" file and so on.

[Step 2] unzipping the file

After unzipping the file, there is a dsmdexp-0X-2200-33.dle file. Let's use X to represent different number Max versions.

[Step 3] Duplicate .dle file into the sub-folder of Max installed called "plugins"

Duplicate dsmdexp-0X-2200-33.dle into the sub-folder which 3ds Max exists in, the path is called plugins, installation is omplete upon duplication. For example, duplicating into the C:\ProgramFiles\Autodesk\3dsMaxX\plugins file.

[Step 4] make sure the plug-in be loaded

Execute 3ds Max. Open "Plug-in Manager" dialog. Make sure the plug-in be loaded successfully.

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Last Updated on Friday, 04 July 2014 20:13